Candy Making Made Easy: Instructions and 16 Starter Recipes
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Candy Making Made Easy: Instructions and 16 Starter Recipes

Nancy N Wilson
Mother's Day is just around the corner. Delicious homemade candy is the perfect gift! This unique candy book also makes a great gift for a special friend. 

Candy Making Made Easy is to help people learn how to make candy quickly.
By using the instructions and tips provided in this book, the learning process will be fun and, in this case, deliciously exciting!

This is the first step to becoming a celebrity . . . the neighborhood Candy Master!

Candy making IS EASY when you know what you are doing, have the right tools, start with good quality ingredients, select good recipes, and allow plenty of time to do it right.

The book includes the following:

* Equipment and Tools - A few are essential, others are optional - find out what you must have.

* Basic Ingredients - The base of all candy is a sugar and water - then what?

* Making the Candy - The critical basic steps are explained in detail, including all the important tips you must know to be a great candy maker.

* Types of Candies - There are many different types to try; which ones will be your favorites?

* Starter Recipes - Easy and delicious; cooked and uncooked - Learn how to make fondant, caramels, fudge, rock candy, peanut brittle, dipping chocolates, and more.

* Common Mistakes to Avoid - When you are aware of the mistakes that can be made in candy making, you can easily avoid them.

* Safety Tips - More than any other type of cooking, candy making can be hazardous, but when you know how to protect yourself, there is no real danger.

* Packing and Shipping Candy - Packaged in decorative boxes, homemade candy is a welcomed gift of love for friends and family. Don't forget those who live far away, especially members of the Armed Forces who are serving abroad. Correct packaging for shipping will ensure that the packages to arrive undamaged and as fresh as possible.

The desire to make candy is often the first step into the culinary world and the first cooking adventure of many great cooks. If you missed this experience as a child or teenager, there is no time like the present to take your first journey into the scrumptiously exciting world of candy making.

Buy your book today and get your creative sweet tooth juices flowing . . . your candy-loving friends and family will be happy that you did (and so will you)!

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